Best Inflatable Fishing Boat

What is the best inflatable fishing boat?


There is no one best inflatable fishing boat because what is best depends on your specific needs. To narrow the search down to two very different types of inflatable that are the best in their league then ask yourself two basic questions.


1) How many people will occupy the boat while fishing?

2) What fishing environments will it be used in? 

3) Are you rich and money is no object are do you have a budget?


Depending on how you answer the above questions the best fishing inflatable may be the Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 or the Saturn SD518 inflatable boat.



Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16

Are you looking for an inflatable fishing boat suitable for one or two people? How about your fishing environments, do you want to get into tight spaces where only kayaks, canoes, and micro skiffs, have traditionally ventured? Are you on a budget? Then perhaps a long, narrow, stealthy, two person inflatable is needed. In such a case the Sea Eagle FishSkiff 16 may be right up your alley. This boat is great for the loan fisherman or couple who are looking to fish freshwater lakes for bass, walleye, and panfish. It is also great for saltwater enthusiasts searching mangrove creeks, bays and estuaries, and other backcountry type environments for redfish, sea trout, and Snook.


The long narrow two person FishSkiff by Sea Eagle is a kind of inflatable microskiiff. It can be purchases with a 5 HP Honda motor package that will enable it to cut through the water at about 17mph. Because the boat is so slender and streamline you can always cut the motor off and use a trolling motor or push pool to sneak up on fish in shallow water under a foot deep. In fact, depending on how loaded the boat is, you may be able to venture into 6 inch deep water!

This16 foot long boat has a load capacity of 1765 pounds. It is made of 1000 Denier PVC and uses drop stitch technology. Drop stich tech means it’s air chambers are not hallow. Its air chambers are packed full of many thousands of strong supporting fibers that give it an unusually tough and strong structure when inflated. The floor is double layer 1000 Denier.

It can hold a 100-pound 6 HP motor and cut through the water at 14 mph with two people, or 17 mph with one person. And last but not least look at the above picture, the boat is sleek and beautiful and may be the best fishing inflatable for one or two occupants.  



Saturn SD518.

Now if you want to be able to bring more than one or two people, or you want to bring more gear and venture into more open water perhaps something even larger and wider is in order like the 18 foot Saturn SD518. And if you are on a budget and are not filthy rich then the Saturn boats are perfect for you as they are all good boats and a great bargain!


Now if you want to bring 4 friends along on your fishing and boating adventures, or if you want more room for snorkeling, scuba diving, hunting, camping, or other outdoor gear then the 18-foot-long SATURN SD518 inflatable boat will be what you are looking for. Like the above FishSkiff 16 the SD518 is incredibly tough and well built. While the FishSkiff 16 is made of 1000 Denier PVC this large inflatable boat is made of slightly thicker 1100 Denier PVC. Though it is not drop stich reinforced, it does have the benefit of extra tough quadruple overlapping seams. It has two layers of fabric at the bottom of the tubes, this massive boat also has a rub-strake protector at the very bottom of the keel. While the FishSkiff has 3 air chambers, the SD118 inflatable has 4 total air chambers. The overall length is 17 foot and 8 inches and its maximum carrying capacity is a whopping 2500 pounds!

One thing that really makes this boat stand out is the fact that you can put a massive motor on it when compared most other inflatables. The SD518 can carry up to a 30 HP motor with one person on board, or a 40 HP motor with two people on board. If loaded with plenty of people and gear it can use a whopping 50 HP gas motor that weights up to 175 pounds. Another nice thing about it is its aluminum floor boards that fit snugly inside the boats center and rear floor areas. It has a resin coated marine grade plywood floor in the far front section. This is a rugged inflatable that is long and wide and very well may be the best inflatable fishing boat for people who need space for plenty of gear or people.

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