inflatable pontoon boat with accessories
Framed pontoon boat that is deflated and being folded up with the frame still in place.

FoldCat 375FCK_D™ Inflatable Pontoon Boat for fishing (Deluxe)

Sea Eagle

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FoldCat 375FCK_D™ Inflatable Pontoon Boat for fishing (Deluxe)
Fish can get frightened by loud engine noises. By using a FoldCat Inflatable  Pontoon Boat, you won’t have to rely on heavy engines to get around and find schools of fish.

  • This lightweight Inflatable Pontoon Boat works very well with trolling motors or gas motors.
  • Its made of 1000 Denier Reinforced material.
  • The pontoon comes with two quick-release seat mounts.

  • This model of fishing boat comes with swivel chairs, a motor mount, and oarlocks.

The FoldCat has an exclusive folding system which allows this two-person pontoon boat to assemble in just a few minutes. This lightweight, aluminum cross-boarded vessel is perfect for fish excursions. Best of all, this pontoon boat allows for two people to either stand or sit on it. So whether you want an individual fishing experience or an excursion alongside another person, this craft is perfect!

375fc FoldCat Hull
Two Green Swivel Seats
River Oar Set
Two Scotty Rod Holders
Green Boat Carry Bag
Two Quick Release Seatmounts
A41 Foot Pump
Oarlock Set
7" Pedestal
Repair Kit