A50 High Pressure Foot Pump

Sea Eagle

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A quality pump is a requirement for any inflatable boat, and for those models that require larger volumes of air at high pressures, the A50 High Pressure Foot Pump from Sea Eagle is a great choice. Featuring durable ABS plastic construction and large, high-pressure bellows, the A50 foot pump can deliver up to 14.7 PSI of pressure in a short amount of time. Because it is operated by your legs, it is less tiring than a hand pump, and it offers similar performance to an electric pump without the need to replace batteries or connect it to a vehicle for power.

The A50 is perfect for inflating larger boats, such as kayaks, rafts, tenders, fishing boats, or catamarans that are designed for multiple people, or those that require extra pressure to ensure a drop-stitch floor is inflated fully for proper rigidity. The A50 foot pump is durable, reliable, and it stores in a compact form-factor for easy transportation and storage.