Boat Bag for TC16  64” x 100”

Boat Bag for TC16 64” x 100”

Sea Eagle

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The TC16 Travel Canoe by Sea Eagle is the perfect way to enjoy a trip on the water without the need for a boat trailer or bulky roof racks. When you need to store and transport your Travel Canoe, the T16 Boat Bag at 64“ x 100” makes the process simple and convenient. Rather than spending the time to fold the boat to the size of the bag, you can simply roll the boat up, place it on the open bag, and secure the flaps in place around the vessel. The T16 Boat Bag features durable synthetic fabric, multiple straps to secure the load, as well as convenient shoulder straps that allow you to carry the boat to the water easily.

For durable storage and protection of your Sea Eagle Travel Canoe, this bag for boat gear is a cost-effective, reliable choice.