Boat Bag for Explorer 85” x 64”

Sea Eagle

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One of the best features of the Explorer Kayak by Sea Eagle is its ability to deflate and fold into a package small enough to store in most cars or SUVs. When you are traveling with your Explorer or any other similar-sized inflatable, the Boat Bag for Explorer Kayaks makes it simple to store and carry your boat from your home to the water. With a size of 85” x 64”, it offers plenty of room for both the pump and the boat, and thanks to its unique design, it is quick and easy to put your inflatable away at the end of the trip. Simply roll or fold the boat up, place it on top of the open bag, and secure the flaps around it.

The Explorer Boat Bag is made from durable synthetic fabric with convenient straps to compress and store your boat, plus additional shoulder straps that make transporting it to or from the water less of a workout. The Sea Eagle Explorer Boat Bag is the perfect accessory to store and protect your kayak, canoe, or raft. If you're looking for a boat bag for sale, this is an excellent pick.