FastTrack™ Kayaks 465FTK_D Deluxe
FastTrack™ Kayaks 465FTK_D Deluxe
FastTrack™ Kayaks 465FTK_D Deluxe
FastTrack™ Kayaks 465FTK_D Deluxe

FastTrack™ Kayaks 465FTK_D Deluxe

Sea Eagle

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FastTrack 464FTK_D Deluxe
s is a spacious 15 foot 3 inch 3 person kayak yet weights only 44 pounds!

A standard Roto molded plastic kayak, or even a fiberglass kayak big enough to fit three people would be extremely heavy, however the 464 is an impressive 15 foot 3 people  kayak and weighs less than most small one seat kayaks. It featuring plenty of space, added stability and streamlined movement via the patented Needle Knife™ Keel, the FastTrack™ Kayak 465 series from Sea Eagle is the ideal kayak. Providing the option to utilize an optional 34 pound thrust trolling motor weighing 15lbs or less, this boat offers all of the ease of use and fast water access you need for a family outing or an afternoon on the water with friends.

The 465 offers all of the advantages of other FastTrack™ series boats—the flexible rigidity, lightweight design, and streamlined and smooth boating—while offering additional space that can accommodate more seats and more occupants. 18 D-rings secure seats to the vessel and seats can be added or removed as needed. With 1000 Denier reinforced materials that are resistant to both sun and saltwater, four separate air chambers, and a drop-stitch floor insert, you’re guaranteed a safe experience as well as a fun one!

This series of tandem inflatable kayaks comes with three inflatable kayak seats, three paddles, a kayak carry bag for carrying the kayak when deflated, and two kayak stow bags for carrying you gear in the kayak while in use. It also comes with a A41 Foot Pump, a slide in swept back skeg, and a repair kit. 


465ft FastTrack™ Hull 

Three 7'10" AB30 Paddle's

3 Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seats (Three kayak Seats)

Kayak Carry Bag

A41 Foot Pump

Slide in Swept Back Skeg

Repair Kit