Gauge Reading Scuba Dive Mask Go Pro Mountable Prescription Lens, AB, Bifocal+1.0


Brand: Promate

Color: AB_GoPro Attachable


  • Promate Scope camera mountable scuba dive mask (MK245CM) and corrective lens
  • Bifocal lens (OP251,) also called Gauge Reader available +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0, +3.5, +4.0.
  • 2-window scuba dive mask features comfortable silicone injected skirt and strap, Double edge comfort seal, low volume.
  • Camera mount ready on mask with your favorite waterproof camera for your own underwater story
  • Lenses are made of tempered glass which are heavier but less sustainable to scratches, compared to polycarbonate.

Publisher: Promate