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13' Inflatable Kayaks FK396
13' Inflatable Kayaks FK396
inflatable fishing kayaks have many optional upgrades
13' Inflatable Kayaks FK396

13' Inflatable Kayaks FK396


If you are looking at various inflatable kayaks that are easy to carry and portable to store, you have come to the right place. If you're looking for a reliable kayak that will successfully assist you in your water transportation, choose the 13'  Inflatable Kayak FK396.

Each kayak has two removable aluminum benches. This allows you to bring a friend along when exploring calm waters. Alternately, you can utilize one of the benches as a set and the other as an area to store your fishing gear, camera, or any other accessories you brought on board.

A hugging rope, a kayak paddle, a repair kit, and a carry bag also come with this kayak. You can easily transport this lightweight kayak and store it easily.

Inflatable Kayak

Load capacity: 2 people

8 heavy-duty D-rings

Complimentary hand pump and repair kit.