packraft for fishing it has two fishing rods
Packraft for Fishing PF7K_D Deluxe
portable packraft with carry bag and other accessories
Packraft for Fishing PF7K_D Deluxe
Packraft for Fishing PF7K_D Deluxe

Packraft for Fishing PF7K_D Deluxe

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Packraft for Fishing PF7K_D Deluxe
Packrafts are designed to be the most portable single person rafts they can be. As a result these amazing watercraft are perfect for rugged individuals who want to carry their boats with them deep into the wilderness before launching on remote waterways. 

The Packfish™ Portable Packraft is fully rigged, portable, and comfortable, and also can be used for fishing.

Packfish featured on this page is the Deluxe model, it is designed without the 7 pound plywood floorboards that the Packfish Pro has. Though the Deluxe model is heavier than most packrafts at 22 pounds, it compensates by doubling as a fishing boat. The Packfish also can work with optional carrying straps that allow for easy transportation. Because this raft has no frames, it is exceptionally easy to deflate and store in your car.

These fishing rafts are comfortable, lightweight, and can support up to 300 pounds of weight. Due to the fact that it is fully inflatable, transporting it from place to place is easier than ever. Each model also comes with optional straps, which make it easy to carry around both when it is deflated and inflated. Because it is an individual fishing packraft, you can coast through watery areas in peace and stealth. Best of all, it moves quietly, so you will be able to reach areas with schools of fish and not frighten them off.
The difference between the packfish pro and deluxe is that the pro has 7 pounds of plywood floorboards, this gives the pro a more stable floor that you can stand on. The Deluxe has no floorboards but as a result is easier to carry to that secluded lake in the woods where no boat has gone before.  

Packfish Features 

Full Weight: 21 lbs. 

Length: 7 ft“ Width: 3 ft 3”

Load Capacity: 1 person (300 lbs)


This Package, The Packraft Deluxe Includes 

PackFish7™ Hull
Backpack PackFish7
Deluxe Kayak Seat Green
A42 Foot pump
AB252 Oar Set
Small Repair Kit