Paddling Vest Red Onyx
Paddling Vest Red Onyx

Paddling Vest Red Onyx

Sea Eagle

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The Sea Eagle Paddling Vest is approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and comes in several sizes. The Red Onyx vest is red in color with black trim and straps. It is designed to provide maximum comfort whether you are paddling or rowing. The vest offers ample room under the arms, increasing your ability to move freely as possible without binding or restricting your arms in any way.

The high buoyancy vest includes a zip closure, two pockets with zippers and a safety whistle. The whistle is conveniently located inside the right pocket. It is securely attached so even if it is outside of the pocket, it won't get lost. The vest's nylon straps are made of adjustable nylon making it easy for you to secure it snugly to your body.


  • Zip closure
  • 2 Pockets with zippers
  • Safety whistle attached inside right pocket
  • Adjustable nylon straps for a secure fit

M/L 36"-44" Chest, XL/XXL 44'-56' Chest